Simple Yet Nice-Looking Idea of Baby Girl Crib Bedding

Posted On: August 26, 2015 - By Emir

What do you think would make the difference between crib bedding for baby girl and baby boy? This question can be simply answered by saying that baby girl crib bedding is pretty and cute, while the one for boy is cool and manly, although it still looks cute on its own way. You see, even if the design idea you come up on your own is simple, it can still be a nice-looking one if you know how to design properly.

If we speak about baby girl crib bedding, what would be the most appropriate color? Yes, it is pink. However, it does not mean that you have to choose all items in pink. The nice combination for it would be white, indeed. So, you will need to choose the items with pink and white colors. As for the crib color itself, you can use white one. However, you can make more statement by using darker colors, like black or dark brown instead.

If you think color play is too plain, you can consider choosing items with pattern too. Since it is for baby girl crib bedding, the pattern must be cute and girly. The suitable pattern would be the picture of female cartoon characters, like Minnie Mouse. It is way cuter rather than choosing one with floral patterns. The pretty part of this bedding idea has been done by the pink and white colors. So, they can make a good combination for pretty and cute bedding idea for baby girl crib.

Putting the Color and Pattern into Action

Now, you are ready with the keys to your simple but nice-looking idea for baby girl crib bedding. First, you can choose dark colored crib, bedside table, and wardrobe which later will give nice statement in the midst of color play between pink and white. Then, you can start working on the bedding. Use pleated pink crib skirt below and put white crib bumper with white crib sheet on it. Choose white pillow framed in pink in its edge.

Choose this too for the blanket as well. How about the pattern then? You can have the pattern on the crib skirt, pillow, and blanket. This way, this baby girl crib bedding won’t look too plain. You can always choose pink and white lullaby toy set above the crib. However, if you have crystal-looking chandelier on the ceiling already, it is more than enough to make this idea look way prettier than you think. So, it suits perfectly for baby girl.

12 Photos of the Simple Yet Nice-Looking Idea of Baby Girl Crib Bedding

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