Mediterranean Double Front Entry Doors

Posted On: May 11, 2015 - By Emir

Everyone has their own taste of anything, like music, food and even for home design matters. House not only to be a place of refuge or place to stay, house is also a self-realization of its owner. From contents of the house, interior design and exterior design of the house is also a manifestation of the home owner. The first view is seen of a house is the face of the house itself. From the terrace, to the front door of the house is the first thing that people will see when looking at a house. Front door is the most important thing for a house. Here the writer wants to give information about double front entry doors.

Double front entry doors are a design where the front door consists of two doors of the same size or different. This design typically used in classic or luxurious style houses. But there are many simple houses that use this door design to be applied at it, because this door design support the view of the house. These doors are usually made of strong wood that will last longer. Sometimes the door is also equipped with glass as the entrance to the sunlight into the house.

Mediterranean Design

To be known that Mediterranean design houses has own style. The design of Mediterranean is a combination from Middle East and Europe, so the design of the double front entry doors and the other ornament has curves in the top of it. From the outside was usually home by the Mediterranean style will have a saddle-shaped roof. Besides the usual Mediterranean home is equipped with a balcony. In the selection of the material forming, the Mediterranean house using unique materials and derived from nature. Because it is a concept originated from the Mediterranean house optimization of raw materials derived from nature. Such as natural stone, clay, wood, and so forth.

The writer would like to give one example of double front entry doors. This is a Mediterranean double front entry doors. This design takes a sample of the door houses the Mediterranean region in the form of two large doors made of solid wood. This model is perfect for those who want to have a classic style house but luxurious.

Double front entry doors with Mediterranean design give the impression of a classic in your home. With amazing carvings on the doors, this front door becomes more beautiful more than any other front entry doors.

10 Photos of the Mediterranean Double Front Entry Doors

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