How to Install Aluminum Gutters

Posted On: May 1, 2015 - By Emir

Nowadays, almost every house must have gutters as the rain water management to make the water fall to the right place. Especially aluminum gutters, because aluminum is the best in every ways. Easy to install, more durable, easy cleaning and lower cost. With the materials as strong as iron, but more lighter than iron, make aluminum gutter is easier to maintain. The usage of aluminum gutter is inspired by 19th century style that used an expensive iron, and replaced it with aluminum. In this article, the writer wants to give some steps for you about how to install aluminum gutters by yourself.

 Steps to Install Aluminum Gutters

First thing you have to do is to measure the length of the outside line of the house roof to measure the length of gutter required. Apply some bead of silicone to seal along the edge of inner aluminum end cap and secure it with crimping tool. Cut the gutter according to the length had been measured using hacksaw. Fasten from pre-mitered corner to the end of aluminum gutters using sealant and pop rivets aluminum.

The next step of installation of aluminum gutters is put the lid on the base of the second gutter. After that, stake it to the mitered ends to form gutter-shaped L assemblies. Then, make a hole with a diameter of 3 inches by using a hole saw. Perform drilling from the bottom chamfer. After that, plug the drains in the hole by using seals and rivets. Next, attach the L-shaped gutter on the opposite side of the house fascia. Slip gutters sticking to the base of the ditch, then through the brackets and fascia, screws gutter to form a rafter tails. Adjust the rain gutters.

Place two elbows on the base on downspout, use sheet metal to hold it. After that, install the aluminum wall bracket at the end of the board house. Remove the elbow through the conduit protruding downward from aluminum gutters on it. Move the sheet metal through the wall bracket to keep the downspout remain in place.

After that, create a trench as a place of drain pipe, starting from the bottom of the downspout to the outside of the house. At one end of the pipe, install an elbow and square downspout and slide the lower end of the downspout on it, while at the other end pipe, glue the other elbow. After it, put drain pipe in trench, and aluminum gutters installation is completed.

10 Photos of the How to Install Aluminum Gutters

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