Feng Shui Bedroom and the Right Placement of the Bed

Posted On: August 30, 2015 - By Emir

In home design world, people would be familiar with a home that is designed with Feng Shui principles. There are various restrictions that you might not consider important before. Feng Shui uses both elements and furniture to further improve your health and well-being. That is why Feng Shui bedroom is quite favored by most people. It should have successfully given positive effects to the people staying in.

In Feng Shui, even simple thing like furniture placement is believed to be able to change people’s health. You might think about such thing as a trivial matter. However, it can’t be the same in Feng Shui. Bedroom with Feng Shui has always been designed in certain way. Sure, there are rules that need to be followed in designing Feng Shui bedroom. So, what is the point of Feng Shui related to home design anyway?

Feng Shui concerns the continued flow of chi energy in almost everything. Chi is the most important energy that people have. So, in order to promote good flow of chi energy on you, yin (negative) and yang (positive) energies should be in balance. When you have good flow of chi energy, it can affect your success, health, and happiness in positive way. Feng Shui bedroom has always been made with this kind of principles.

The Rules in Feng Shui for Bed Placement

Bed placement is the most important thing in Feng Shui bedroom. There are many restrictions to place the bed in a room. First, you can’t put mattress directly on the floor. Feng Shui believes that you will be in the main path of chi energy. It is not good since it gives negative signs of unsuccessfulness. Second, Feng Shui-style bedroom will never allow you to place bed right across the door. The sleeping position you will have with this bed placement is known as coffin position.

It is the position of death, so this too gives negative signs for you. Third, you can’t place your bed in front of and under window too. Window is believed to be the access for chi energy to enter and leave. If it flows over you as you sleep, you will sleep restlessly. Feng Shui bedroom will always suggest you to place the bed diagonally across the door. This is the best placement to avoid negativity. Moreover, it still allows privacy and you can see if someone enters the room.

13 Photos of the Feng Shui Bedroom and the Right Placement of the Bed

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