Bedroom Furniture Sets for Exotic Tropical Bedroom Idea

Posted On: August 28, 2015 - By Emir

Bedroom is the place where you are supposed to feel relaxed. The thing that allows such thing to happen is the bedroom idea itself. A room designed without certain idea might not be able to serve its purpose to its maximum capability. When you need a place to relax, the room must be designed to give such feel. If it is bedroom, then you need to find bedroom furniture sets that complement the room for doing so.

So, have you ever thought of making your bedroom into a place as relaxing as exotic Tropical Island? It might seem impossible, but you can really make the same feeling in your bedroom. This bedroom idea is effective to change dull atmosphere inside a bedroom. If you want to realize this idea, there are certain bedroom furniture sets you will need for it. You can’t choose random sets of bedroom furniture in respect of that.

Color still plays an important role in any home design idea. Since you are going to make an exotic tropical island feeling in your bedroom, you can choose blue layout for it. So, you can paint the wall in bluish white, while the windows or the door can be painted in light blue. It is okay to have a wooden floor for it can complement the design, but wooden bedroom furniture sets are needed to further complement it.

Adding Proper Wooden Furniture Set

Once you are ready with the bedroom layout, it is the time for you to add proper wooden furniture set of bedroom in. There are many wooden bedroom furniture sets, but there are only few of them that contribute exotic tropical island feeling in the bedroom. First, you can consider using Key West Bed. It is a panel bed made from gemilina wood solids and finished with dark finish. It has pineapple finials, bamboo carved effects, and wicker accents in its design.

Second, you can also use Key West Dresser. Using the same material and finish, this dresser is designed to have two rolled rattan drawers and eight additional drawers with brass floral hardware. Third, you can complete this kind of bedroom furniture sets with Key West Mirror. It gives tropical look with its wicker and bamboo style accent for the frame of the round mirror. If you set these three items in blue layout, you will surely get the tropical feeling you want.

12 Photos of the Bedroom Furniture Sets for Exotic Tropical Bedroom Idea

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