Baby Crib Bedding and the Nursery Idea with Attractive Character

Posted On: August 25, 2015 - By Emir

Designing nursery is not a trivial thing. It is important for you to design it well since your baby will spend most of their time in this room. So, in order to make it into a comfortable and attractive place to play and sleep, you need to think of the design idea for the nursery, especially baby crib bedding for it is the focal point of this room. Let’s talk about making one idea for either baby boy or baby girl here.

Speaking about the bedding idea for baby crib, there are several things you need to include in your nursery idea. They are crib bumper, crib skirt, fitted sheet, throw pillow, and blanket. At least, these things are what should be included in the idea of baby crib bedding. Sure, there are still other things you can include to complement the crib even more. However, those mentioned before are enough to make one.

Besides baby crib bedding that acts as nursery’s focal point, there are other things that are nice to be included in nursery design idea as well. So, you can consider including things, like toy bag with toy or doll, diaper stacker, window valance, musical lullaby toy, table lamp, and wall décor. You can add anything else you want as well, but remember to not add too much thing to avoid making the design too crowded.

Giving Attractive Character to the Idea

In order to put those things we are talking about earlier in the nursery in attractive way, you have to keep in mind that they must match to each other. Color play is enough to give character to your design idea. So, let’s suppose you choose navy blue and white colors. First, you can place crib bumper with navy blue sheet and add another bumper with white sheet on top of it. Remember to insert white crib skirt with navy blue stripes below in this baby crib bedding.

After that, you can put both white blanket and pillow that have stripes of Navy Blue Square in the middle. You can choose musical lullaby toy with white and navy blue colors only to finish this bedding of baby crib idea. You can do the same thing to the other things, like window valance, lamp shade, diaper stacker, and wall décor. If you have wooden crib, you can side it with brown toy bag with brown teddy bears for example. This way, baby crib bedding and even the room idea will look more attractive.

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