Baby Boy Crib Bedding and the Matching Theme with Nursery Idea

Posted On: August 27, 2015 - By Emir

If crib bedding for baby girl is pretty, cute, and girly, you can say that baby boy crib bedding is cool and manly yet still cute on its own way. Speaking about nursery idea, the important thing for it would be the choice of color. It is then complemented with pattern or motif. For these two important keys, you can’t think of them randomly. There are proper color and pattern for baby boy nursery.

If the most suitable color for baby girl is pink, I would say that the one for baby boy might be blue. Well, sure, there are still red, black, or other colors. However, blue is good to create calm atmosphere inside a room. If you want to use other colors for baby boy crib bedding by the way, you can mix them while still letting the blue dominates the idea. It goes the same with other things inside the nursery too.

Then, pattern is important to give more character to the bedding of baby boy crib as well as the nursery as a whole. It is baby boy crib bedding and its nursery idea we are talking about here, so patterns like flowers might be less suitable. Baby boys tend to like vehicle, robot, superhero, and other manly things. So, you can choose either of them to be the pattern on the items for your nursery design idea.

The Color and Pattern in One-Theme Nursery Idea

Indeed, color and pattern are two important things when designing baby crib bedding and the nursery it is in. However, it might seem meaningless without theme. So, if you want to design baby boy crib bedding, you need to decide one suitable theme for baby boy. Let me give you one example here. How about traveler theme? With this theme, you can use vehicle pattern in blue background on the items in the nursery.

For baby boy crib bedding, you can use crib bumper covered with white crib sheet patterned with countless cars in blue and yellow in turn, for example. Use crib skirt with the edge having navy blue horizontal line and vertical stripes of light blue and yellow above the edge. As for the blanket, it will look better with big pattern of various vehicles on it framed in navy blue edge. To finish it, you can set lullaby toy with blue and yellow cars rotating above.

12 Photos of the Baby Boy Crib Bedding and the Matching Theme with Nursery Idea

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